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As of April,1 2016 the revised total coliform rule will be in effect for all public water systems. 


The full DEP site can be found here (please view for full details)


Here's the short version that has effected all of our clients: all public water systems will be required to switch from quarterly total coliform tests to monthly tests, and you will need a sample site plan. If you already have a licensed operator on staff, they should be able to handle this for you.


But, what if you don't?


If your system has no treatment and you are handling your own sampling; where you or the lab collect samples, who completes this plan?

(whoever is listed as the water operator or responsible official with Pennsylvania DEP) This may be the owner of the well if you are renting a residential property, but most of the time if you run a business you are the one responsible to serve safe drinking water. There are exceptions to this so we advise contacting your local DEP sanitarian to check who is the responsible party.


If this seems like a daunting task or you don't want to design this plan alone please contact us before it's too late. Please give us as much information as possible. If you know your system's PWSID number and/or sanitarian this can be exceedingly helpful in providing information. 

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